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Since childhood the rural environment of Missouri has been a constant in my life. Daily hikes through the hills, valleys, forests, and waterways sustain my connection to nature and provide spiritual sustenance. The natural world in tandem with mundane moments have been my constant muses. This relationship is magical, fantastic and for me almost surreal. My studio practice is primarily sculptural, although two-dimensional work has become more present in recent years. 

Leaves, twigs and rocks, along with fabric, handmade flax and abaca paper are the grammar of my work.

This work is created using handmade paper, made in my studio along with additional elements foraged from nature.

If you’re intrigued by a piece and considering making it yours, head over to Sager Reeves Gallery to inquire.

“For me, art is a meditation, a response, a question, but most of all it is a way of life.” – Jo Stealey

[email protected] | Fiber Artist | Columbia, MO